Barrister returns to City fold

A BARRISTER who was made redundant by Denton Hall's planning practice in November 1994 has re-joined the firm as the number three senior lawyer in the same department.

Margaret Caseley-Hayford replaces Helen Norris, who left Denton Hall for McGuinness Finch in October.

Caseley-Hayford said of her move from Berwin Leighton back to Denton Hall: “I built up my reputation and track record with Denton Hall. I was lucky to work with an equally respected firm in the interim, but I feel Denton Hall is a much more cohesive environment today than when I left, with a very different political environment, much closer to what it was when I first worked for it.”

A Denton Hall spokeswoman said the appointment was a response to an increasing volume of planning work. “We have the second biggest planning department in London. We are building the department up. There are many more instructions around.”