On-demand Webinar: Global outlook: the world we operate in

This webinar gives attendees an update on the global economy, where it is at and where it is going, with a focus on some of the long-term implications of the current crisis. “The end of the rise in populism” This key-note speech expertly delivered by economist and financial sector expert Sony Kapoor covers some of the key trends impacting the world we operate in. While COVID-19, BREXIT and Donald Trump are rightly mentioned, Sony ends his session on a positive note, emphasizing some of the encouraging changes we are seeing as a result of COVID-19. Examples include how the crisis has turbo-charged discussions around inequality and key workers, how COVID-19 has forced us to take a look at the legitimacy of our business models in the context of wider society, how it has accelerated the tech revolution, the diversification of supply chains – but most importantly, how it spells the end to the rise of populism.

The 60 second interview: Positioning yourself as a business that meets the changing needs of society

By Julia Hayhoe The Lawyer’s Business Leadership Series explores, among other themes, how the dramatic acceleration of macro trends has placed Purpose, Sustainability and ESG issues top of the corporate board, general counsel and increasingly legal provider agenda. We have created a series of GC interviews, to inform this event series and the webinar I […]

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Freeths ends redundancy consultation cutting 19 lawyers and 11 other roles

Freeths has completed a redundancy consultation, with the firm letting 30 people go. The firm entered the consultation in July, stating that 80 roles were at risk. It has now decided to make 30 roles redundant, including 19 lawyers. A further 11 members of staff will lose their jobs across the firm’s 13 offices. A […]