The hard truth facing China’s elite law firms

With dismal propulsion, Covid is already accelerating the gap between the rich and richest law firms; upper-mid-market firms have seen growth stall and margins shrink while partners at the biggest firms have barely seen any effect on their profit per point. I say dismal, because however neat the theory of consolidation sounds, there’s not necessarily much […]

Loving legal life: Inclusion starts with you

This week, systemic coaches Zita Tulyahikayo and James Pereira QC discuss the harm done by conventional dialogue and training in racial diversity which reinforces exclusion.  They explain a different approach that empowers the individual and supports genuine inclusion.

On-demand Webinar: Faster, higher, stronger – Supporting world sport through the Covid-19 storm

“The biggest peacetime decision in world sport” This session explores how lawyers’ roles, stakeholder relationships and ways of working are evolving as they support the global sports movement through the Covid-19 crisis. This specific case study features International Olympic Committee vice-president of legal and business affairs Kevin Groome sharing what it means to be a lawyer working in the sports industry in the current climate and his team’s role in the “biggest peacetime decision in world sport” – the rescheduling of the Olympic Games.