Barclays’ new hire to cut legal spend

Barclays’ new hire to cut legal spendBarclays has revamped the management of its legal function, creating a new chief of staff position to ­support general counsel Mark Harding.

Barclays has appointed Sue Brooks as second-in-command to Harding. Brooks was formerly chief operating officer (COO) at Barclaycard Technology.

It is understood that Harding has taken on a wider role on the Barclays executive board following the departure of group COO Paul Idzik last year.

Brooks told The Lawyer: “The chief of staff post is new for legal and typically represents the broad agenda the ­executives have in mind for the function. For all intents and purposes it’s about 60 per cent COO work and 40 per cent chief of staff work.”

Work had already begun on Barclays’ biannual panel review, which is due to be completed this summer, she said, and cutting costs in the wake of the banking crisis would be a major focus of the process this year.

“There’s ;an ;ongoing ­activity around our cost base and we’re expected to ­manage our cost. When we look at the cost base we do look at external suppliers – it’s a natural part of what we do,” said Brooks. “This year we have a panel review and part of the discussion will be around the price point.”

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