Barclays hires for African law team

Barclays has taken on three new lawyers in South Africa and Botswana as a result of a reorganisation of the bank’s legal system in the region, which takes effect on 1 May.

The hires will give the bank its first African legal counsel in Botswana with the arrival of Ludo Tema, while in South Africa the team will take on two new legal advisers Verna Douman and Ahjeeth Jai Jai.

As of 1 May, the African network, which now has 20 lawyers, has been divided into two hubs – the north and south. Barclays is also set to appoint a new legal adviser in Egypt, which makes up part of the bank’s North African hub.

The restructure has delayed the appointment of an international panel in the region, which was expected a few months ago. Last year the bank introduced its first panel of local firms.

The legal function in Africa has increased significantly since the 2002 arrival of Mark Edwards, general counsel for the Africa region.