Bar motions carried

That the Bar Council should make representations to the Home Secretary to withdraw changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in his forthcoming Bill. Proposed by Robert Latham, seconded by James Goudie QC, chair of the Bar Council Law Reform committee.

That treasurer Michael Blair will examine concerns over lack of democracy in the Bar Council system, particularly over obligation to put into effect resolutions passed at the AGM. Blair's amendment to Nicholas Easterman's resolution to force the Bar Council to act on all resolutions passed.

To cap the cost awards against students suing the College of Legal Education over exam resits to a maximum of £1,000. Proposed by Richard Cole.

For the Bar Council to require the CLE to instruct barristers on a pro bono basis in the above actions. Proposed by Cole.

To call on the Bar Human Rights Committee to encourage Turkey to comply with international obligations and support

efforts directed to providing information about the "disappeared" in Cyprus. Proposed by committee chair Nicholas Stewart QC.