Bar Council set to probe Pollock’s BCCI conduct

The Bar Council is poised to launch an investigation into the conduct of the barristers during the BCCI trial, The Lawyer can reveal.

Mr Justice Tomlinson criticised the liquidators’ counsel Gordon Pollock QC of Essex Court Chambers and Lord Neill of Bladen QC of Serle Court in his judgment last month, as well as the general handling of the case. Clare Montgomery QC of Matrix Chambers was also instructed by Lovells.

Bar Council chair Stephen Hockman QC said: “You may rest assured that the judgment in the case is being considered by the regulatory side of the Bar Council. I’m confident that, if there are valid concerns about the conduct of any individual, they will be looked at very carefully indeed.”

Hockman said it would be inappropriate for him to comment on individual barristers and also inappropriate to comment prior to an investigation being carried out.

The House of Commons’ constitutional affairs committee is also poised to examine the case and its implications.
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