Bar Council probes Blackstone’s chief

Blackstone Chambers co-head Ian Mill QC has found himself the subject of a Bar Council investigation after acting for Greek composer Vangelis in High Court litigation.

The Bar Council is investigating allegations that Mill relied on flawed evidence from forensic handwriting expert Audrey Giles to bring a claim against the composer’s former manager Jiannis Zographos.

Zographos brought the complaint of misconduct after winning the case, in which Vangelis accused him of forging a letter terminating a contractual agreement. However, it emerged that Giles had not seen the allegedly forged document, and Vangelis’s claim was summarily dismissed in 2002.

Zographos’s solicitor, Katy Manley of South West-based firm Burroughs Day, said that Zographos had also attempted to bring a complaint against Giles to the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners (CRFP), but that the council had refused to investigate.

Manley said: “He’s still struggling after six years to have his issues addressed.”

CRFP chief executive Alan Kershaw said he could not comment on specific cases, but added that detailed procedures were followed for every complaint received.

Mill declined to comment. The Bar Council and Giles did not return calls for comment.