Bar Council launches Web listing

Alison Laferla reports

A multi-media Bar Directory is due to be launched by the Bar Council later this year.

The only official Bar Council directory of British barristers in private practice or employment, the directory will be accessed through a database as well as a new Bar Council Website. Hard copies will also be available.

The Bar Directory will be formally launched at the Bar Conference and Exhibition in September. It will allow chambers to publish barristers' fees in bands for the first time. Chambers will be listed by region, and types of work covered will be listed by chambers and by barrister. The directory will also give details such as conference facilities, languages spoken and equality policies.

The contract to produce the directory was recently awarded to publishing house FT Law and Tax. Publishing editor Marie Staunton said: "We believe we can provide a new standard for the directory which reflects the changing needs of legal services."