Banging on about work-life balance

Bristol has long touted itself as an alternative to London: it has less traffic, less smog and beaches nearby. Burges Salmon built its whole image on this pretext, with recruitment ads featuring surfers.

London firms are slowly catching on to this work-life balance shtick, but flexible working policies are still way behind their Bristolian brethren’s.

Bond Pearce has partners working remotely in Norway and France. Exotic as that sounds, the biscuit is really taken by IP partner Tom Phipps, who lives and works from home in Plymouth simply so he can balance his practice with surfing and his Cornish language rock band.

Phipps is the drummer. The band does not have a name yet (and most of you probably won’t understand it when it does), but Tulkinghorn will keep you posted on any upcoming gigs.