Band misleader

A recent diary piece appears to have ruffled a few rock ‘n’ roll feathers. Readers may recall a little piece that asked: “Which North East senior partner recently admitted that he used to manage The Undertones, Stiff Little Fingers and The Cure, but jacked it in after his dad told him to ‘get a real job’?”
Well, it unearthed one Andy Ferguson of Cracks 90, an artist management company, who says that, unless he is mistaken, it is he who manages The Undertones, and it always has been.

“I’ve been the manager of The Undertones for the past 28 years and before me there was no manager,” said Ferguson.

He continued: “What a dilemma. Certainly a man who has reached the heights of senior partner wouldn’t tell lies about his background. I mean, if he did, how could you trust anything he said. It could give lawyers a bad name heretoforthwith.

“No, it must be me that’s been delusional for the past 28 years. But then, where has the money come from, as I’ve certainly never had a ‘real’ job. Maybe I need a lawyer to sort it all out for me…!”
Andy, maybe you do. Would you like Tulkinghorn to recommend you one? something of a musical bunch these days.

Apparently Richard Gordon QC will be doing a Michael Eavis and holding a mini Glastonbury in his back garden this summer. Headline acts have yet to be confirmed, although Tulkinghorn has checked the dates and Radiohead are free.

Even more excitingly, the Brick Court musical mole also confirmed that the chambers’ girl band, The Brickettes, will be holding its comeback concert this Christmas. Maya Lester, who is off to sit with the Chief Justice of Israel for three months as part of the Pegasus scholarship, plans to begin the rigorous rehearsing schedule when she gets back. You have been warned.