Bakers in Brazil

It’s all about Brazil these days, and for once that isn’t a shoehorned reference to the World Cup (which, as we all know, ended last Sunday afternoon).

Baker & McKenzie recently embraced the trend for all things South American by unveiling its first non-American chairman in the shape of Eduardo Leite, leaving a Leite-shaped hole in the Sao Paolo management hot seat. A hole today filled by Claudia Farkouh Prado (see story).

With more and more firms opening in South America, Bakers’ elevation of its Brazilian partners could be the start of something hot.

But with Britain baking in some tropical temperatures of late, what are we doing dreaming of Rio on a Friday afternoon? Luckily, Outer Temple silk Richard Lissack is here to wax lyrical about the glory that is Glastonbury in the sunshine (see postcard).

Lissack recalls meeting “an elderly bearded man in an orange skirt dancing badly to a loud sound system”. It’s not clear whether that was at Glasto or on his return to the High Court.