Baker & McKenzie – UK 100

UK/global turnover: £84m/£691m

UK/global PEP: £335,000/£363,000

UK/global revenue per lawyer: £339,000/£226,000

UK revenue per partner/equity partner: £1.2m/£1.5m

Global revenue per equity partner: £1.1m

UK/global number of partners: 55(71)*/611

UK/global number of lawyers: 248/3,053

UK number of staff: 673

UK/global leverage ratio: 1:3.5/1:3.9

UK equity partner to staff ratio: 1:12

Equity structure: Modified lockstep, 70 per cent of profits allocated by lockstep, which runs from 50 points to 100 points over seven years. 30 per cent is distributed by an annually elected committee based on merit.

Billable hours targets: Associates 1,600, partners 1,100.

Billing currency: Sterling.

Cost of living details: No US secondees in 2003. No cost of living allowances.

UK-based lawyer remuneration: US-qualified lawyers are paid on fixed sterling salary. All other lawyers are paid in sterling.