Baker McKenzie has rolled out gender transition guidelines to its London office to support transitioning employees.

The firm introduced the guidelines in its US offices from July 2017 and is now extending it to the UK. The guidelines include a workplace transition plan which provides a framework for the transitioning individual, their line manager and HR to follow. 

Harry Small, the chair of the firm’s global LGBT+ initiative said: “At Baker McKenzie we are proud of our Not Neutral stance on LGBT+ equality: we insist on full acceptance of all LGBT+ individuals and we do not permit or tolerate discrimination.”

“We recognise that we have a responsibility to create an environment which is inclusive to all, and while we have made great strides in this space, we need constantly  to increase our understanding of the needs and challenges faced by the trans community and to meet those needs. So I am proud that we have launched these new guidelines so that all trans employees feel they are fully supported at our firm.”

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