Bad sport

Tulkinghorn would like to send his condolences to Andy Ryde at Slaughter and May.`Just weeks after recovering from a broken rib, incurred by a stray elbow in a rather feisty football match, Ryde has damaged some ligaments in his ankle after a tennis lesson. But before you laugh, he had been up until 3am working on a deal at Credit Suisse First Boston.`Hard taskmaster (or masochist) that he is, Ryde had booked a lesson for 7am on Saturday morning which he duly attended after only two hours sleep. The damage occurred on an indoor surface while attempting a forehand drive. “There's no excuse for it,” says Ryde, who is now battling round the firm's Basinghall Street offices on crutches.`Perhaps Tulkinghorn might be so bold as to suggest that Mr Ryde tries more gentle leisure activities such as bowls or croquet.