Bad pitch

Tulkinghorn would have thought all English people realised that, when it comes to football, the South Americans rarely need our help. But apparently that fact has passed Lewis Silkin lawyer Sean Dempsey by. During a recent football clash against Argentinian ius laboris firm Funes de Rioja & Asociados, Dempsey, as the Lewis Silkin centre, opened the scoring – with an own goal. At half-time he was relegated to goalkeeping, and at the beginning of the second half gave the Argentinians their second goal of the match. Needless to say, the English visitors received something of a trouncing, with the final score 4-1 to Funes de Rioja. However, on viewing photographs from the heated event, it soon became clear to Tulkinghorn why the Lewis Silkin team had done quite so badly. It seems the football team had mistaken its copy of Football for Dummies for a copy of The Lawyer.