B P Collins’ employment team takes part in CIPD Chiltern mock tribunal

The B P Collins employment law team entertained a 90-strong crowd at the latest CIPD Chiltern event at the Bellhouse in Beaconsfield on 24 November, as fictional characters Lauren Goodheart and David Beer clashed again.

Created to de-mystify the employment tribunal process, the evening was designed to give first-hand experience to members of the Chartered Institute for Personal Development, many of whom are human resources employees in local Chiltern businesses.

The scenario was hosted by practice group leader Jo Davis, with the case heard by experienced employment barrister and acting Judge Anthony Sendall (Littleton Chambers), with the parties represented by Chesca Lord for the claimant (Cloisters Chambers) and employment partner James Townsend for the respondent.

The tribunal explored claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination brought by senior associate Kathryn Fielder (playing Lauren) against property partner Michael Larcombe (playing David Beer — managing director and owner of the fictional business).

As the night played out, delegates were guided through the Tribunal operations and interactions between the parties involved in a dispute. At the conclusion of proceedings, delegates explored their interpretations of the evidence, before Judge Sendall gave his final decision.