Axiomtek introduces new advanced digital management solution

An enhanced shopping experience is often perceived as a decisive factor in regaining market share, aiming at Omni-channel online and offline sales strategies.  With the evolution of multi-channel retailing, Omni-channel retailing is concentrated more on a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels, i.e. stores, mobile devices, computers, catalogand so on. With the technologies aimed at this goal, promotion interaction, personalization and reaction measurement based on internet of things and networked display technologies, retailers are able to attract the customers more precisely. However, there exists plenty standards and application platforms which constitute a considerable barrier for integrators both in terms of time and man power.

“In this competitive world, every little bit counts.  Shoppers want more control over their shopping experience.  It is important to understand customer needs, establish customer relationship, improve the sales effectiveness, and provide instant service to make an impact on purchasing decisions,” said Robert Wang, AVP of Product Marketing Division at Axiomtek.

The RCM and IPSS from Intel® propose an integrated approach for cost-effective development of innovative in-shop-experience applications leveraging the Internet of things, existed CFs/ADs and digital signage network.  The Intel® RCM integrates all the functions which are needed for retailer application: the content management, the audience measurement mechanism and logs for tracking and billing.

Intel® RCM Advantages
Intel® RCM offers many advantages to marketing and technology professionals, making it the CMS of choice for today’s retailers.  Intel® RCM helps marketers and IT departments keep costs under control by:

• Reducing the time and resources needed to create, deploy, and manage effective campaigns

• Eliminating the high paper, printing, transportation, and setup costs associated with static, low-impact signs

• Minimizing costly onsite repair visits by using Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)

Intel® RCM Simplifies Campaign Management
Retailers are able to deliver digital content to every screen with quicker and easier than the competition. RCM’s intuitive interface requires no special skills.  Non-technical employees can get up to speed quickly without limitations.  Using Intel® Retail Client Manager, operators can schedule and launch strategic and relevant marketing campaigns in real time.  Content and scheduling can easily be adjusted based on any criteria, such as weather conditions, shopper preferences, audience demographics, and more.  RCM’s capabilities consist of:

• Handles any format. Use any combination of HD video, audio, web content, animated graphics and Adobe Flash*, slides, photos, TV (over-the-air, satellite, or cable), and more

• Compose campaigns in minutes

• Customize content on the fly

• Deliver marketing content in real-time

• With Intel® Audience Impression Metric Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) to attract target customers

• Real-time reporting. Easily correlate campaign data (what was played) with viewer analytics data (who saw it) to help gauge campaign effectiveness and optimize customer engagement

• Control each digital sign independently

• Multiple screen zones, each with its own playlist

• Manage access with permissions

• Receive real-time error reports

• Respond to touch screen inputs or sensor data

• Build playlists for each zone to create highly dynamic displays

• Remote management: Intel® Active Management Technology (iAMT)

• Adaptive, conditional play.  Customize network channel displays and/or change content dynamically screen-to-screen) based on parameters such as audience demographics, customized commands, or triggers (e.g., a weather change or local sporting event)