Axiom is a leading provider of technology-enabled legal and contracting services.

Axiom is a leading provider of technology-enabled legal and contracting services. Axiom’s solutions combine legal experience, technology, and data analytics to deliver work in a way that dramatically reduces risk, cost and cycle-time. The firm comprises 1,500 lawyers, professionals, process engineers and technologists who serve over half the Fortune/FTSE 100 across 16 offices and 5 centres of excellence globally. A brief description of Axiom’s services are below.


Time. Of all in-house resources, it seems to be the most precious. And sadly, it’s the first thing taken when pressures increase. Whether it’s from a workload spike, headcount reduction, a request to service a new business line, or one of about one hundred other things, Axiom helps clients create perfectly elastic teams and reduce outside counsel reliance by leveraging best-in-class global legal talent. Less internal burnout leads to less attrition and higher morale. And organisations have that precious time back to work on what matters most.


Axiom are helping clients reimagine contracting (from creation to negotiation to management) as a strategic part of their business and not a mere cost-centre. Using powerful technology for full and immediate visibility into the business’s entire contract archive, Axiom’s technology-enabled clients are able to convert data into actionable intelligence—making sense of risk and allowing for stronger negotiations and better decisions. Contracts are executed faster, revenue is accelerated, more deals are won and customer experience improves. (Not to mention contracting costs drop as much as 30-40%).

Corporate Transaction Projects:

Whether it’s completely repapering entire libraries of customer and supplier contracts, navigating change-of-control events at reasonable prices or managing routine due diligence projects, Axiom have tackled these issues repeatedly for countless clients with high-quality and consistent results. No matter how much M&A activity takes place, the in-house team is able to expand and contract—allowing new business entities full operation from day one.

Regulatory and Compliance Projects:

At the centre of past, present and, no doubt, future regulatory requirements are thousands and thousands of contracts. Axiom is helping clients build and manage flexible regulatory response and compliance teams with quantifiable and consistent results. By providing the right amount of quality experience with operational efficiency, clients are even able to work within the constraints of severely supply-constrained environments. That means situations that never before seemed possible, suddenly are.

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