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Star legal writers: IT and privacy

How a Snapchat conversation between father and daughter became legal tabloid fodder, the Google breach of privacy case, and judgments that highlight what is fair disciplinary action after inappropriate social media activity– some of the topics covered by our briefings writers

Howard Ricklow, partner, Collyer Bristow

Star legal writers: Company/commercial

Beware loopholes in instant dismissal and contractual T&Cs, find out key features of the Singapore International Commercial Court, and the progress being made for whistleblowers – just some of this week’s top briefings coverage from the company/commercial sector.

Rebecca Mauleverer

Star briefings writers – Banking

This week our top briefings writers are taken from the banking sector, and their posts include trends for mid-market corporate finance, how economists can help with litigation awards, what to do if a dividend is unlawful, and advice for borrowers when their loan is sold.

City Gherkin

Star legal writers: corporate

This week’s top briefings writers from TheLawyer.com cover corporate issues, such as how corporate lawyers can contribute to their country’s transactional success, what makes a great marketer, and whether firms should look east or west when drawing up their global strategy.

Cat Griffiths index

Never mind the IPOs, firms need vision

Gateley’s IPO on AIM in May surprised many. It didn’t fit the received idea of the sort of firm that would go public: it isn’t consumer focused, it doesn’t have an elephantine volume operation that creates easily forecasted revenue streams and it hasn’t even been the most acquisitive firm in the UK 200.


Star legal writers: In-house

This week’s top briefings writers from TheLawyer.com demonstrate their highly individual takes on the world of real estate lawyering, with subject-matter ranging from a knotty problem with an invasive weed to the boxing match of the decade.

Business Leadership

Business Leadership Guide: meet the pace-setters

Clear trends have emerged from this year’s Business Leadership survey. In-house legal teams confirm they are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less but the drive to embrace innovation remains elusive. Has there been a step change in the legal market in terms of the services that clients are being offered? And if so, […]


Business Leadership Guide 2015 peer panel: the risk business

Our specialist panel discusses the key issues in risk management, including how it can be used by firms to gain a competitive edge, and the biggest risk-related challenges currently facing firms and clients In association with           Q: What are the main challenges firms currently face in terms of risk? Chris Vigrass, […]

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Business Leadership Guide: digital marketing in the legal sector

In research from The Lawyer ’s sister brand Econsultancy, marketing, digital and communications professionals from the legal sector give their insight into firms’ current activity and priorities, current key trends, and the challenges they face to following best practice. This research, conducted by Econsultancy in association with The Lawyer, is focused on digital marketing in […]

Salary Survey: Stress

In 2014, Lawyer 2B ran a stress survey. With more than 500 responses, it sparked a good deal of debate about mental wellbeing in the profession. This salary survey took the opportunity to ask the questions again, but on a much larger scale. The results confirm many of the findings of the previous study, but with a […]


Salary Survey: The gender gap

Across all private practice respondents to this survey, the average salary for a man was £87,820, while the average salary for a woman was £63,518. This figure is, of course, skewed by the fact that there are more men in senior positions across the legal profession. Indeed, at newly-qualified level, the picture looks different. Almost […]