Ruth Fenton

Ruth Fenton

How do you work out what a firm’s culture is before you join?

Have you ever woken up and thought, why am I doing this? I feel unappreciated and miserable. I never see my friends. My boss is rude and generally horrible, I get told to cancel my holidays, clients are demanding and don’t understand the personal sacrifices I make to provide them with an outstanding service, chances of […]

Ruth Fenton

Preventing suicide: the signs to look out for

With the end of the year in sight it is a difficult time for many people. It is so sad to hear when talented legal professionals take their own life. Here is how you can help others you may be worried about. 

How to exit your job

Very few people now have a job for life. Law is a great example of a flexible career because lawyers gain so many transferable skills. So what happens when the bubble bursts? Do you have an exit strategy? Most people have a pretty good plan for finding a new role, but very few have a […]

Ruth Fenton

How to overcome nerves to produce the perfect presentation

Not all lawyers are linguist masterminds who quickly think on their feet and love performing in court. At a recent return to work course attended by around 30 lawyers, 90 per cent of the room put up their hand when asked if they didn’t like or were scared of public speaking. Public speaking is not […]


Balancing work with parenthood

Chances are you’ve already invested a lot of time and money in finding a training contract or pupillage, you have qualified and your career goal is to become a partner. Suddenly you find yourself in a position where it feels right to have children, but with the chance of making partnership right in front of […]

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How to get the pay rise you deserve

If you were your boss, would you give yourself a pay rise? If you think you’re not worth it, a boss may think the same. Plan ahead, and ask what you can be doing right now to make yourself an invaluable, indispensable and motivated employee. Timing Timing is everything in asking for a pay rise. If your law […]


What’s stopping you achieving your goals?

With February upon us, how are you doing with your new year’s resolutions? Are you on track or did you make an excuse for not being able to achieve them? Whether in our careers or personal life we are all in control of our own destiny. The decisions we make every second of the day […]

Ruth Fenton

How to bounce back from unemployment

Becoming unemployed for whatever reason has a roller-coaster of emotions attached to it. Everyone experiences it differently depending on their personal circumstances. Unless you have been there yourself, it’s often very difficult to understand what the person is going through. Common emotions include: anger, frustration, desperation, depression, despair, sadness, grief, hope, excitement, hopelessness, helplessness and […]

Bullying in law firms: how to cope

A law firm can be a stressful place to work, but have you ever wondered why? What’s the impact on you and ultimately the services you provide to your clients? The main factors that come into play are expectations, significance and certainty. Unfortunately add these three together and you have a breeding ground for stress and […]

How to cope with work after experiencing a traumatic event

There is a perception in the legal profession that you have to be strong, ruthless, calculating and powerful. But what happens when – boom! – a traumatic event happens in your life? Maybe you witness a murder, lose a child, sustain life-changing injuries, are diagnosed with a terminal illness, or are mugged or raped? How […]