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The Lawyer Eats

The Lawyer Eats: Worton Organic

The first time I came across Worton, I didn’t get it. A cold winter’s morning trudging round a few barren vegetable beds and empty greenhouses wasn’t really doing it for me. I don’t know what made me go back, but it was summer the next time I went to Worton. And by then it was […]


The Lawyer Eats: Hedone, Chiswick

It’s rare that I go back and update my reviews but it has been known, especially where the restaurant has changed so much that I would be worried that someone would rely on the review and have a bad experience.


The Lawyer Eats: Blandford Comptoir, Marylebone W1

Did you enjoy it? Asks the waitress, for what,  by this point,  is the third time. I’m not enjoying your service style, I don’t say, even though I’m getting steadily more irritated as the meal progresses.

chinese food

The Lawyer Eats: Sosharu, Clerkenwell

If I were given the power to make the law, rather than just interpret it, I would rule that all toilets had to be in the Japanese style. Features include a heated seat which flips down to welcome you, strategically-placed jets to wash you down, and a built-in blowdryer to conclude proceedings. It senses when you have finished and then flushes itself and closes, without the need for intervention by the human hand. Who wouldn’t want that?

mediterranean food

The Lawyer Eats: The Modern Pantry, EC2

Never a great sign, Monday lunchtime and about four tables occupied. Not when it’s a space as large as this cavernous room, which must surely have been a banking hall in a former life.


The Lawyer Eats: Bonhams Restaurant, W1

Did you know there was a restaurant in Bonhams Auction House in the West End? It’s been open since the end of 2014 and already holds a Michelin star. Not bad going for the young chef, Tom Kemble, in charge of his own restaurant for the first time.


The Marksman, Hackney Road, E2

Post Brexit, I am taking my chances taking C to Hackney to eat. It would have been bad enough had the vote gone with Remain, but less than five days after what was for C pretty much the end of western civilisation, I am playing with fire.

Bacco, Holborn

“God, the pressure, choosing for you, you have no idea what it’s like,” says M, head clerk of a set of barristers’ chambers which shall be known as WC.


Loch Bay and other Skye stores

You may ask yourself, how did I get here? Well, quite easily really; a flight to Inverness and then a three-hour drive through some of the most magnificent scenery I have ever seen.


Six Portland Road W11

It’s rare that I go into a restaurant and feel young. To be frank, it’s rare that I do anything these days and feel young, so it is with great pleasure that I report that there is a new restaurant in the ‘hood where those of a certain age and attitude will feel extremely at home.


Bristol: the Weekend

In an effort to spread my dining net further afield than central London and South Oxfordshire, my two usual stamping grounds, I decided to go west, specifically to Bristol and even more specifically, the Clifton part of Bristol.