Lucie Cruz


Becoming a partner at Linklaters

With revenue of £1.9bn and profit per equity partner sat at £1.8m, it is easy to see why partnership at Linklaters is considered to be a golden ticket. So what is the likelihood of you making partner at Linklaters? On average, it makes 14 partners in the UK each year, with the past two years […]

What really makes partner material?

“Being a partner used to mean spending a lot of time at the golf course, or at the gentlemen’s club. Now, it means a lot more billables than it used to,” muses a partner at a US firm. It’s true: being a partner requires more than it ever used to. Strong client relationships, high billables, […]

How not to lose your associates

The exits we saw last year may have slowed a little since the most recent salary war cooled down, but the wider trend is one that dates back years: workers are less loyal than they used to be. Law firms are finding it increasingly difficult to retain their associates at a time when employers offer […]

Connagh McCormick, proSapient

proSapient GC: How I’m building a legal team from scratch

Expert networks are a lesser-known phenomenon, but in an age where data and knowledge is a necessity, the industry has grown into a multibillion-dollar sector. Big names and pioneers of the sector include GLG, AlphaSights and Third Bridge. Their purpose? To connect you with a panel of people who know anything and everything about a […]

Dina White, Zodia Markets

Pioneering the crypto sphere with Zodia Markets’ GC

Zodia Markets made history in 2022 as it became the first crypto trading business to be backed by an international bank and given crypto-asset registration from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Backed by Standard Chartered, it was launched as a partnership between SC Ventures, the innovation arm of Standard Chartered and BC Technology Group back […]

saying no, not happy

Clients don’t care about your PEP

PEP has long been a marker for firms of profitability, efficiency, even excellency. Firms brandish them as badges of honour and headlines report on them every year. PEP up! PEP down! Firm bucks trends as PEP rises amid economic downturn! The obsession is rife, and has long been thought to showcase how well a firm […]

Kevin Mercer, Houseful

Who you gonna call? The crisis-buster GC

Kevin Mercer is something of a legal nomad. Acting general counsel for Houseful (previously Zoopla), his CV is dotted with an array of impressive interim roles that he has taken on as part of his niche for transformation. Having worked for leading tech companies such as New York-based analytics company Verint and networking software leader […]