Luan de Burgh

Luan de Burgh is a professional public speaker and presentation coach.

Working with time and not for it

My question this month is ‘how do you spend your day?’ As the UK enters another stage of loosened lockdown I appreciate that there will be a differentiation between a normal day (pre) and a new normal (the past couple of months), however the question remains pertinent. For all the talk of ‘things being different’ […]

Communication skills for lawyers: digital fatigue strikes in lockdown Zoom world

In 1986 something happened to television in the UK. It went from being a regulated daily dose, interspersed with frequent ‘trade test cards’ to being a 24-hour broadcasting affair. Around the same time mothers would frequently rebuke children for soaking up all that extra TV with the beration-come-warning that they would end up with “square […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: mastering the video call

“Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything,” once said American liberalism advocate, John Kenneth Galbraith, and yet the meeting is an ingrained component of modern day business. It is a component that has had a drastic makeover in recent weeks with the number of meetings and conferences now conducted via video soaring. […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: changing your mindset

As we arrive at the month of February there are many who have been enthusiastically reacting to saying goodbye to January. It is just another month after all, and yet it comes with its own particular mindset, one that is often characterised by abstinence and loathing – embodied in the infamous milestone which is Blue […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: the art of timing

Happy new year.  Finally we have reached a decade that we can confidently abbreviate after the awkwardness of the 2000s/noughties and the tens/teens. For that reason alone there is cheer to be arriving at 2020. It’s all about a question of timing… so it is apt that timing is the topic for this first article […]

Is perfectionism dulling down your presentation?

Are you one of the many currently reacquainting yourself with the hit 1990s TV show Friends? Netflix spent a reported $80m dollars to ensure it kept the sitcom on its streaming service in 2019 and for good reason. Its popularity continues to boom! The enduring success of Friends has much to do with the clearly […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: Time to tear up the script?

The opposite of spontaneity is rigidity. It’s how most of us live our lives – through a combination of rationality, hard work and a devotion to format. There is nothing wrong with rigidity in terms of getting the job done, but it is hardly a formula to get to get you noticed. If you are […]