Luan de Burgh

Luan de Burgh is a professional public speaker and presentation coach.

Presentation for lawyers: Have you become the devil your customers know?

Google ‘habit’ and you will be told that it is an involuntary behaviour controlled by the subconscious mind, which governs 40 – 90 per cent of an individual’s behaviour. While we tend to fixate on our bad habits, we don’t often conduct an appraisal of our general habits which, it is generally agreed, break down […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: how to enhance your gravitas

How fast do you talk – are you a motor mouth or do you supply your words in measured mouthfuls? The chances are that you, like most of us, are a mixture of both depending on where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re talking to. Nevertheless, how fast you speak can have a […]

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Presentation skills for lawyers: how to do anecdotes in video meetings

Regular readers will be aware of my embrace of storytelling in presentations and I have written on more than one occasion about the power that lies within a good story, well told. The anecdote in particular is a great way of personalising dull material, building empathy with your audience and leaving a short, sharp impression. […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: Don’t do small talk? I can’t wait!

Spring is a wondrous time of year. Almost on a daily basis come fresh signs that the winter has finally passed and summer is on its way and then it changes again. For the Brits, who are obsessed with the weather (understandably), spring with its erratic conditions, provides rich opportunities for small talk. This spring […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: why your chair matters!

Last month I gave some tips on how to improve your video presentation, but ran out of space, so I am returning to the topic. This month it seems as though there may at last be some light at the end of the tunnel, a ‘crocus of hope’ if you will, which could mean a […]

Simple tips to improve your video presentation

How is your on-screen persona these days? Are you a smouldering presence captivating your audience, or has your video craft regressed, leaving you stranded like an unflattering screen shot frozen mid sentence by a poor internet connection?  Here to breathe colour into those pasty February complexions and rejuvenate the Zoom fatigued are some tips to […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: Lockdown breathing to unlock stress

It’s about this time of year that I will usually opine some thoughts about embracing the new year and making changes that will positively impact on your performance in the presentation room in the coming months. However, that all sounds quaintly old fashioned (not to mention deliciously carefree) against the backdrop of January 2021. As […]

Presentation skills for lawyers: Breathe like you mean business

It’s something that we all do – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, each and every year that we spend on this planet – and we do it without thinking about it. It can be effortless and silent or laboured and loud, particularly in the dead of night and much to the annoyance […]


Do you have a problem with splitting focus? Probably.

Do you have a problem with splitting your focus? No, not applicable to you, a question for one of your colleagues perhaps? If you are always 100% on point and reactive to any fire that comes your way in the line of business, then look away. However if, in doing so, you are checking your […]