Luan de Burgh

Luan de Burgh is a professional public speaker and presentation coach.

Myths about communication in presentations

How often had you heard that effective communication is 55 per cent non-verbal, 38 per cent tone of voice and 7 per cent what you actually say.  There are many who swear by this as some form of mystical statistic that is the key to communication enlightenment itself.  And then there are those that say hang […]


The Elevenerife problem: one rule for the ego in the room

Time and time again this comes up, whether in a pitching scenario, a client meeting or a conversation at a networking event – overactive egos need to be subdued. Effective communication requires the following:  a transmitter, a message and a receiver.  For the receiver to successfully hear and understand the message delivered by the transmitter, […]

sound confident in business

How to use confident language

‘We like to think that we are very good at what we do.’ A fairly reasonable statement for most people and not much wrong with it.  But, ask yourself this – do you want to be remembered for being fairly reasonable or do you seek higher recognition for being, quite frankly, top of your game? […]

Structuring case studies into compelling stories

Having appreciated the power of telling stories in pitches, it is essential to remember that just because you have various case studies to choose from you mustn’t simply reel them off, point-by-point with no thought as to the relevance of the topic to the audience or without even a nod to simple storytelling techniques. So […]

The power of the story – and why the corporate world ignores it

No one cares about your strategic staircase. 
No one cares about your bottom line orientation. No one cares about your global talent sustainability imperative to nurture robust future leaders… But everyone cares about a good story. We like stories. Stories are part of our lives; stories are what inspire and motivate us; we have been […]

Your client wasn’t always your client

You’ve met a potential client who you feel you would be able to help considerably and work with very well and you’ve arranged a coffee to have a chat. It’s all very informal and light touch at this stage, but you make sure that everything is just as it should be. A smart café (remembering […]

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Taking the anxiety out of networking

Poor old Theresa May was recently snapped at the EU summit looking uncomfortable sandwiched between Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron covering their mouths to prevent journalists lip reading their conversation. Cue much internet hilarity at Mrs May’s expense. The scene reminded me of many I have seen before, a networking situation where it is evident […]

Making clients feel confident

We have all had the experience of being a client to someone else and know what it is like when we are made to feel confident in their ability to provide the service for which they are being engaged.

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