Jesse Middleton

Roundtable: Talking data regulation and ethics with TLT

GDPR was not the final hurdle. The huge effort undertaken by organisations three years ago to bring themselves in line with the framework was part of a perpetual race. GCs and DPOs sit at the middle of a battle between the ever-advancing world of technology and data collection, and the ever-changing world of data regulation […]

Roundtable: Talking digital strategy with Wolters Kluwer

As the end of the pandemic approaches, organisations are turning their attention away from the short term strategic thinking needed to weather lockdown and the return to the office and toward long term growth. Many of the factors and attitudes which have underpinned working life during the pandemic will be taken forward into the ‘new […]


Download: How GCs are using legal tech

In January, Wolters Kluwer and The Lawyer launched a survey that sought to determine how in-house legal teams use legal technology. The opinions of 130 general counsel from leading organisations across the UK were gathered, and the analysis was supplemented by interviews with legal heads at organisations including Bupa, BT and the City Football Group. […]

Roundtable: The future-proof legal department with Wolters Kluwer

It was a fitting setting as delegates gathered in the now-commonplace environment of Microsoft Teams to discuss the use of technology and the value it brings to in-house legal departments. Video-conferencing was one of the early novelties of the pandemic-era, as professionals everywhere abandoned face-to-face meetings and shifted online. Despite its drawbacks, video-conferencing is now […]

From the Litigation Tracker: A ‘wave’ of Covid-related litigation is starting to wash into the courts

Claims activity rallied across a number of sectors in late 2020 following a coronavirus-induced dip in Q2, data from The Lawyer Litigation Tracker shows. For the sake of this analysis a cross-section of pandemic-hit sectors was selected, including: healthcare equipment and services, public sector (excluding health), retail, real estate and pharmaceuticals. Claims activity as a […]

From the Litigation Tracker: When it comes to weathering the coronavirus, some courts are better than others

  Claims activity within the Queen’s Bench and Chancery Divisions of the High Court dropped significantly following the initial coronavirus outbreak but activity within the Patents Court, the Commercial Court and the Admiralty Division remained consistent, data from The Lawyer Litigation Tracker shows. Claims activity across UK courts as a whole plummeted between January and […]

From the Litigation Tracker: Claims activity bounces back after Covid-19-induced slump

Claims activity within five major UK courts resurged in the second half of 2020 after plummeting following the initial Covid-19 outbreak, data from The Lawyer Litigation Tracker shows. There were 606 claims filed within the Commercial, Chancery, Queen’s Bench, Patents and Admiralty Divisions of the E&W High Court in January last year. This collapsed in […]

Roundtable: Managing risk and compliance with LALIVE

The full effects of the pandemic caught most of us by surprise. Sure, the signs were there. The Tube got a little bit emptier. We were all washing our hands every 10 minutes. We stocked up on loo roll and soup. But the majority of us wouldn’t have predicted back in March that we would […]

Roundtable: Managing risk within global businesses

Thanks to the pandemic, managing risks within businesses has never been more challenging. In-house teams are shepherding their organisations through the turbulent legal and regulatory landscape, often with constrained time and limited resources. Legal departments have also had to change the way they communicate with their businesses. The remote working environment has implications for identifying […]

Roundtable: Talking Digital Transformation with UnitedLex

All of us white collar workers have been experiencing what some have branded a ‘digital revolution’ since the coronavirus pandemic forced us to work remotely back in March. Water cooler chit-chat has been replaced by Microsoft Teams, international business travel now constitutes using an exotic background on your Zoom call, and after-work pub sessions are […]