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Freshfields’ Timothy Wilkins on key ESG trends

Timothy Wilkins, global partner for client sustainability at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, talks to The Lawyer about key ESG trends that will land on general counsel’s desks in the near future as well as the unique opportunities ESG present for lawyers to add value to their organisation.

Can tech companies work even better together?

Thomson Reuters’ chief product officer for legal tech Kriti Sharma talks to The Lawyer about holding technology and tech companies more accountable for user needs, what can be done to reduce tech waste and getting tech companies to work better together.

ESG: Key considerations for 2023

The increasing importance of environmental and social governance (ESG) means that it has become a key consideration for the legal sector. But keeping up to date with this evolving subject is not always easy.  In order to shed some light on the current situation, Jake Reynolds, head of client sustainability and environment at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, […]

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Goodbye greenwash! How the law is being used to force corporates to act on climate change

Organisations and their leaders will increasingly face the financial and reputational consequences of climate change inaction, believes Alice Garton, director of global legal strategy at the Foundation for International Law for the Environment (FILE) . Growing up in Australia’s first eco village, she set her sights on using the law to change the world at a young age. She worked for a hard-hitting litigator, spent 14 years in law firms and multinationals before moving to ClientEarth – the first NGO to look at the whole suite of laws that can be applied to combat the climate crisis. In her latest role at FILE, she’s aiming to scale climate litigation across the world. Based on her experience, she explains the future of climate-related litigation for businesses and lawyers to Neil Pearson, Mills & Reeve’s head of ESG and social value.

The only way is ethics: how Wellcome is developing an integrity culture

The pressure is on for organisations to act ethically at every step. Whatever sector you’re in, customers, clients, staff, funders, prospects, regulators…everyone is calling out for it. And it’s no longer enough to comply with the law: an ethical approach has to be integral to an organisation’s DNA. That’s even more true in a philanthropic, high-profile organisation like Wellcome which is often held to even higher levels of accountability. Fraser Simpson, Wellcome’s associate general counsel for ethics, governance & compliance, explains to Neil Pearson, Mills & Reeve’s head of ESG and social value, how he has been working towards catalysing an integrity culture at the charitable foundation.

‘My 3 pieces of advice’ by Sarah Holmes

EY Law’s Sarah Holmes on being intellectually curious and brave, remembering that everyone has a personal story and the importance of taking time and space even when you are expected to make decisions quickly and trying to meet expectations.

‘My 3 pieces of advice’ by Richard Goold

EY’s Richard Goold talks about building an extraordinary team, prioritising what’s important and being prepared for the administrative burdens you are bound to encounter as the legal team of a fast growth company.

‘Technical excellence won’t be king anymore’

In this latest 60-second interview, Peerpoint MD Carolyn Aldous talks to The Lawyer about changes to the legal market, trends in legal consulting and what successful legal teams will look like in the future. Has the pandemic changed your approach to the legal market? Our key values have stayed the same, but we’ve had to […]