Claire Edwards

Digital Content Producer

Mind the gap

In London moaning about the tube is a daily past time for most commuters, despite the 150 years of loyal service that the system has given the city. But have those commuters ever untangled their head from the nearest armpit and asked fellow commuters: what of its legal team? Probably not, but we did it […]

The Lawyer Eats

Bird of Smithfield

Brecher managing partner Nicky Richmond indulges in a thoroughly crackling dinner at Bird of Smithfield. My friend Don told me that his cousin Alan was going to open a new restaurant in Smithfield and that we would have to try it. I was a bit worried, in that what if it’s really rubbish way. I’d […]

NIcky Richmond

Women in the law

It was interesting to hear Vince Cable’s recent announcement that he is prepared to consider legislation to enforce the Government’s target for female representation on the boards of FTSE 100 companies. Why? Because after an initial surge, following the publication of the Davies report in 2011, the pace of change has slowed. The target is 25% by […]