Aspinall, Tim – Hot 100

Under the leadership of Tim Aspinall, the South East’s most dynamic player, DMH Solicitors, has grown from a small-time regional player with £6m in turnover in 1996 to a £15m firm last year.

Since taking the managing partner’s reins in 1996, Aspinall, alongside finance director Robert Mojab, instituted a wave of cost-cutting measures, which have seen the closure of four offices – Newhaven, East Grinstead, Lewes and Worthing – since 1999.

At the same time, under Aspinall’s charge, the firm has successfully targeted local authority clients and now counts Croydon, Kensington and Chelsea, Wandsworth and Bromley Councils as clients, with contracts to advise variously on real estate and employment.

When Aspinall took over DMH, it was a high street firm with high street clients and a major private client offering. The managing partner’s next ambition is to secure a London merger. And with his track record, who would bet against it?

Tim Aspinall