Ashursts to strengthen Italian links

Ashurst Morris Crisp is attempting to set up a profit-sharing scheme with its Italian alliance partner to strengthen links between the two firms.

Ian Nisse, managing partner at Ashurst Morris Crisp, has been in discussions with Negri-Clementi Montironi & Soci.

“We want to participate in each others’ profits,” Nisse says.

“Subject to regulations, we think we can do this in some form or another.

“Normally it would be Law Society regulations we would be looking at, but this is an issue we would firstly look at commercially.”

Negri-Clementi recently announced a merger with local firms Toffoletto e Associati and Gamna e Associati.

Nisse says he was aware of Negri-Clementi’s intention to grow both nationally and internationally when Ashursts signed the alliance last year.

“When they were having discussions with the firms they are merging with, we met with key individuals because we would all be working together,” he says.

“The merger was done in the full knowledge of that and we are very supportive of it.”

He denies that there was any intention to fully merge Ashursts and Negri-Clementi. He says the exclusive agreement with the firm will not be affected by the Italian firm’s domestic merger.