Ashurst’s cat call

It’s not all nose to the grindstone in the City, you know. Tulkinghorn learnt the other day that those lovely chaps over at Ashurst recently gave one of its IP lawyers enough time to eat, sleep, see daylight occasionally and pen her first book.

The firm was so impressed with the talents of Inbali Iserles that it gave her one day off a week, plus a six-week sabbatical, to write her children’s book The Tygrine Cat, which was published earlier this month.

So who is this rare talent? A quick Google search revealed the following: “I was born in Jerusalem, but scarcely lived there. At the age of eight, I wrote a poem called Rich Cat/Poor Cat. I recollect with distant delight the sensation of hearing it read to the class and seeing it emblazoned on the wall.

Fast forward a few years and Iserles is drafting IP contracts at Ashurst, no doubt getting an A+ from IP head Mark Lubbock – a handy skill for any writer. There probably aren’t that many writers who are intimately familiar with the working of a contract.

As Iserles told Tulkinghorn: “I am what I am.” You go, girl (which Tulkinghorn believes is the correct ejaculation at this point).