Position: 85
Firm: Ashfords

Turnover: £24.8m
Profit per equity partner: £357K
Earnings per partner: £205K
Equity spread: £170K-£360K
Net profit: £7.5m
Profit margin: 30 per cent
Revenue per fee-earner: £93K
Revenue per lawyer: £198K
Revenue per partner: £428K
Revenue per equity partner: £1.18m
Total number of fee-earners: 267
Total number of qualified partners: 125
Total number of partners: 58
Total number of equity partners: 21
Total number of female partners: 12
Total number of female equity partners: 2
Total number of staff: 463
Leverage ratio (equity partners/fee-earners): 1:5

2006-07: Corporate 1, insolvency 1, personal injury 1, public sector 1, tax/trust/probate 1
2005-06: Personal injury 2
2004-05: Banking 1, commercial 1, matrimonial 1, debt recovery 1, tax 1, property litigation 1, real estate 1, employment 1, private client 1

2006-07: Property 1, marine 1
2005-06: Private client 1, commercial 1, charities 1
2004-05: Litigation 1, planning 1

Intake as percentage of partnership: 14.3
New female partners as percentage of intake: 0
Equity structure: 20 equity partners, 29 non-equity
Practice area(s) most heavily promoted: All equal
*Figures supplied relate to the calendar year

Since the demerger with Bevan Brittan, South West firm Ashfords has expanded its partnership. With five promotions, 2006-07 saw the firm inch back towards to levels similar to 2004-05, when nine were promoted to the partnership. In 2005-06 the personal injury practice was the focus for internal promotions, but in 2006-07 Ashfords’ corporate and public sector teams saw their first promotions for several years.