Asghari wins dismissal claim against NY firm

FORMER Curtis Mallet-Prevost Colt & Mosle employee Joan Asghari has won her unfair dismissal case againt the New York-based firm.

But Asghari, who worked full-time as London office manager and accounts supervisor for the practice from 1989, failed in her claim of sex discrimination.

She is now awaiting news of a cash settlement in the case, which centred on claims that she was made redundant from her u21,500 per year position in September 1993 after returning from four months' maternity leave.

Asghari told the tribunal she had been assured her job was being held for her but, when she returned she discovered it was to be given to the secretary of the firm's managing partner Albert Francke.

Asghari says she and the firm's legal representatives, Swan Evans Ferguson & Crawshay, have reached a stalemate and discussions over the settlement have ceased until both sides can obtain copies of the judgement. The London North Industrial Tribunal which heard the case last month has said it could take up to five weeks for the papers to become available.

“We've come to a standstill and it all hinges on the papers that are due to come back from the tribunal,” says Asghari.

Swan Evans was unavailable for comment.