Asda scraps employees’ date of birth stipulation

Asda’s legal and HR teams are implementing a radical recruitment strategy ahead of the introduction of age discrimination legislation.

The supermarket giant has elected to scrap the requirement for job applicants to disclose their dates of birth on application forms after scrutinising the new legislation, which comes into force on 1 October.

In addition, Asda has decided not to implement the retirement process that is part of the new law, saying that it does not want such a “bureaucratic system” for its employees.

Amanda Cox, a colleague training manager in Asda’s HR department, which is known as the ‘people team’, says she has been working with general counsel Gary McHale to deal with the new legislation.

“We don’t have a recruitment age in Asda, and we don’t believe that dates of birth should form any part in determining who we should give jobs to,” said Cox.

She added that Asda considers itself to be ahead of the impending legislation. “Where we are is where the Government wants to get to,” she said.