ASA ruling could make vlogger outreach less attractive to brands, says Eversheds

Andrew Terry, partner and media expert at Eversheds, has commented following a ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that UK vloggers will have to make absolutely clear when they are paid to promote products or services.

Terry said: ‘On the face of it, this decision simply reflects the position in all formats, including social media, that all advertising must be “obviously identifiable” as a marketing communication. The principle being that the public must not be misled into believing that vloggers have independently and spontaneously decided to talk about a product.

‘The additional twist here is the ASA’s insistence that the commercial nature of the video must be made clear before any consumer engagement. That means that flagging the relationship at some point during the video is not sufficient, which may well make this kind of promotion much less attractive for brand owners.’