Art for fart’s sake

Tulkinghorn was bemused to hear rumours of a joint bid by Lovells’ Leslie McDonaugh and Linklaters’ Robert Finch to promote the artistic value of elephant dung.

On further investigation, Tulkinghorn was relieved to find that the pair are up to their necks in it (in artists, not dung), promoting new talent at the Whitechapel Gallery. Alongside Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili, best known for his use of elephant excrement, Lord Mayor Finch and McDonaugh are courageously wading in to “help Londoners to experience the arts and widen their horizons” at a champagne benefit to promote the gallery’s iconic East End Academy exhibition.

The event, which includes a curator-led tour around the unmade beds and poo paintings, takes place on 10 June and costs £65. Lawyers wishing to up their artistic cred should call 020 7522 7870 or email supporters@ for tickets.

Whoever said lawyers were full of sh*te?