Collyer Bristow partner Steven Heffer (assisted by Sophie Laing) acted for Colonel Edmund B M Freely in proceedings against the Ministry of Defence, in connection with the misuse of his private information. The court action has been settled. The Army Board has also formally apologised to Colonel Freely in relation to his service complaint, which concerned his treatment during and after an investigation in 2009.

The Army website news page has now published the following statement:

In 2009 Colonel E B M Freely (late R IRISH) was the subject of an investigation into allegations surrounding an honours and awards citation.  He subsequently submitted a Service Complaint in relation to the way in which he was treated during and after that investigation.

On 20 December 2016 the Army Board found that Colonel Freely had been wronged in matters relating to his service and concluded that a public apology from the Army Board to Colonel Freely was appropriate.

The Army Board hereby formally apologises to Colonel Freely for the way in which he was treated during and after the investigation and wishes to make clear that Colonel Freely’s excellent reputation and high standing remain intact.

The Army Board also formally apologises to Colonel Freely for the length of time it has taken to bring his Service Complaint to a conclusion. The Army Board pays tribute to the way that Colonel Freely has conducted himself over the last seven and a half years and thanks him for his patience and forbearance. 

The Army Board sincerely wishes Colonel Freely the best for the future and for continued success in his Army career.’