Argles fills new chief executive role

South East firm Argles Stoneham Burstows has created a chief executive role which will be taken up by the former head of Alsop Wilkinson.

Chartered accountant Christopher Honeyman Brown has been working as a consultant to the firm and joins from accountants Horwath Clark Whitehall.

Honeyman Brown joined Alsop Wilkinson as chief executive in 1996, and led the firm into its merger with Dibb Lupton Broomhead to form DLA.

More recently, he advised Argles & Court, Stoneham and Burstows on their November 1999 merger.

His new role at 38-partner Argles replaces that of managing partner Russell Bell, who returns to full-time fee-earning in corporate finance. The aim of the new dedicated management role is to foster the integration and continued growth of Argles.

Honeyman Brown says: “I believe the three-way merger was a tremendous opportunity to build the leading practice in the South East.”