Are you ready for reform?

Mrs Justice Arden, chair of the Law Commission, has some sharp comments about the large number of commission reports which have not been implemented by the Government in the past 15 years. Some 20 reports have not seen the light of day in terms of legislation and these figures do not include reports the government has rejected.

Rightly, she points out, the public does not get the benefit of the commission's work until Parliament implements it. One such report, Conspiracy to Defraud, was not implemented for two years, which meant that many mortgage frauds were not prosecuted. The result is much wasted time and money for the commission, which is charged with keeping English law under constant review.

Mrs Justice Arden's suggestions on how to streamline the process are sensible; after all, there is already the Jellicoe system in place to shorten the process for non-contentious bills going through Parliament. The Law Commission is a valuable resource for the development of the law and should be acknowledged as such.