Archive system takes best from both worlds

Firms using the SOS Practice Manager can now benefit from a new archiving facility combining microfiche capabilities and computing.

The Bath-based supplier Solicitors Own Software has been working with microfilm experts MAB Services to help Birmingham firm Sydney Mitchell develop an archive and retrieval system.

SOS managing director Michael Platt says the development is an extension to its practice management system. "A standard DOS disk containing file details is sent with the files to be archived to

the microfilming bureau."

The file information on the disk is used to print the dockets for the microfiches.

Reference details about each microfiche are added to the disk, so the microfiche can be easily found through the computer and file details retrieved, says Platt.

SOS sees the system as a cost-effective way of archiving material. Storing files otherwise can take up expensive office floor-space or

require special facilities.

"Filing on to disk would require megabytes of computer space and imaging would be beyond most solicitors," says Platt.