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Episode four of The Apprentice: the candidates head to Birmingham in a bid to turn a profit from selling beauty treatments.

Episode four and Lord Sugar sends his wannabe business partners to Birmingham to sell beauty treatments, handing them the opportunity of securing profit margins in the region of 90 per cent.

Felicity led Team Logic while Zoe took charge of Team Venture. Logic chose to flog hair styling and massages after losing out on spray tans to Venture.

Rather than selling the treatments, though, Logic focused on offloading low-margin hair accessories, leading them to make a loss of over £200. Lord Sugar was less than impressed with their “pig ugly” performance and Felicity was sent packing.

As ever we have an army of employment lawyers on hand to offer their insights on the issues thrown up in the show. In a departure from previous years, they shared their thoughts via Twitter as the programme unfolded. The best of their responses are included here. Join the debate on Twitter at #lawyerapprentice.

@LisaLewinsohn: Does early morning Apprentice filming constitute breach of privacy?

@rjw_rachel: was that chocolate or marmite? no wonder the danes banned it.

@LisaLewinsohn: Hmmm…references to girly boys&some other not v PC comments-sex discrimination law seems to have been forgotten tonight!

@Prolegal_Ltd: Note to self: remember to draft “spray tan your naked colleagues” clause into precedent employment contract.

@rjw_rachel: Susan’s plea to bring back the socio-economic duty in the equality act.

@Prolegal_Ltd: No beauty treatment sales by lunchtime – time to roll out a performance improvement plan.

@LisaLewinsohn: Waste of space? Will empty treatment rooms early on and initial poor judgment lead to a capability dismissal?

@AGinsight: Spray Tan: It doesn’t mean you’re gay!