Apple of our i

Yes, it’s the best invention since the printing press, and if you haven’t got one then you may as well crawl back to your cave and gaze at yourself in a shard of mirror, you Luddite.

If you believe the hype, an iPhone can do everything from booking a table at a restaurant to kissing your kids goodnight. Stem cell research? It can probably do that. And it can blow glass. And knit.

Everyone loves them. Except Nokia, which is going to sue them.

The Finnish phone maker has filed a claim in the Federal District Court in Delaware alleging that its maker Apple has infringed 10 of its patents on all models of iPhone since their launch in 2007.

This case could see hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands and promises to be a real humdinger. iPhone users can follow the case from the train, or walking down the street, or on a hoverboard.

Of course Apple would say that this is all just iEnvy.

There’s probably an app for that too. 


Also on today, everybody’s talking about Maurice Allen and Mike Goetz moving to Ropes & Gray. One reader of was less than complimentary about the move. “Money for old rope I reckon.” Another was more positive: “I think this has potential. If Mike and Maurice want to they could make it work.”

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