Apathetic solicitors costing firms millions

Indifferent lawyers are costing firms and the environment millions a year by showing a lack of interest in green practices in the office, according to research from Banner Business Services, one of the UK’s largest stationery suppliers.
Banner surveyed 1,000 lawyers about their environmentally friendly habits at work. The results showed there is still work to do in convincing them to make green choices in the workplace.
The survey has revealed:
·        29.1 per cent of PAs still fail to print on both sides of A4 paper
·        17.6 per cent do not recycle at work even if they have the facilities
·        60 per cent print over 20 sheets a day, most of which are binned
Richard Costin, managing director of Banner Business Services, said:
“It’s encouraging to see 89 per cent of lawyers have recycling facilities but there’s still a low uptake of staff using them. 62 per cent of lawyers want a greener work place but they need to practice what they preach. One way to do this is to elect a recycling champion – 65 per cent of workplaces don’t have one.”
“Partners need to lead by example in order to convince staff of the environmental and cost saving benefits of printing on both sides of paper, recycling all paper goods and limiting printing. “
Ruth Shearn, managing director of RMS PR, said:
“We have lots of recycling bins dotted around the office, a policy to print on both sides of sheets of paper, switching off lights if not essential and a recycling champion. However it’s still tough to get everyone to be green all the time. It needs to become second nature to employees and this involves a mind change.”
Banner Business Services is committed to producing green solutions for business and has developed the award winning Closed Loop process – the fully audited recycling service that sees waste paper shredded and recycled before being returned to its original ‘owner’.
Notes to editors
About Banner Business Services
•       Banner is one of the leading suppliers of office products and services in the UK and Ireland
•       Banner’s parent company – office2office  – is listed on the London Stock Exchange
•       Group turnover in 2010 was £207.6m compared to £187.5m in 2009
•       The company employs more than 1,000 people across the UK with offices in Norwich and depots in Hampshire, Manchester and Northern Ireland
•       Banner routinely makes more than 7,500 deliveries every day to customers
•       70 percent of orders are processed electronically

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