Ap Cynan to face an OSS investigation

A SENIOR Law Society council member, who has just withdrawn his candidature to be- come its deputy treasurer, is being investigated by the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors.

Robin ap Cynan withdrew from the deputy treasurer election contest last week, in a surprise move which leaves Robert Sayer free to continue in the post. However, he said the investigation was unrelated to his decision not to stand.

Ap Cynan, consultant solicitor to Stephen Thomas in Shropshire, is chair of the society's practice development committee which has been responsible for the formulation of the controversial High Street Starter Kit.

In a letter to council members, he said he backed down because rules stated there should be a year's gap between chairing different committees.

If his election had been successful, in the summer he would have been elevated to treasurer and chaired the society's finance committee.

Commenting on the investigation ap Cynan said council members found it difficult to refuse clients whose expectations could then be unfulfilled.

An OSS spokeswoman confirmed a complaint had been filed against ap Cynan and said it was being investigated.