Antipodean overload

I was interested to read the article "New Zealand firm goes on recruitment drive in UK" (The Lawyer, 21 October).

While I have every sympathy with firms seeking assistants and not finding suitable candidates, your readers should be aware NZ salaries have been near static for years. Major Auckland firms have recently been hiring recent graduates of the Institute of Professional Legal Studies (newly-qualifieds) at salaries of around $NZ30,000 – under £12,000.

Oversupply of solicitors continues, with 26 per cent more practising solicitors than six years ago. Solicitors with six years' commercial experience are rarely paid more than £30,000 with few fringe benefits. Even when living expenses are taken into account, NZ solicitors are significantly worse off than their City counterparts.

When out-of-town firms report up to 50 candidates applying for some posts, solicitors contemplating working in the Antipodes should consider their options very carefully.

Ashley Ball,

Auckland, New Zealand