Anger at proposed move for north London tribunal

Lawyers are furious at proposals to move the north London employment tribunal to Watford.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has told The Lawyer that the tribunal is running out of space on its Euston Square site and, with the raft of new employment legislation pending, needs more office space and resources.

“They need bigger premises and this will probably lead to taking on more staff. They're looking around north London,” says a DTI spokesman. “Watford's the only place they've looked at so far. They're still in the very early stages. They are going to keep offices in Euston Square as well.”

David Bean, president of the Employment Law Bar Association, says: “We are writing to the regional chairman to express our concern, not just for the lawyers but for clients and witnesses. Watford is difficult to get to and it's going to mean increased travelling time for almost everyone and thus increased cost.

“It's just another example of the bureaucracy of these things winning at the expense of justice. I think a London tribunal should be accessible within London.”