… and a cuddly toy

We have a winner. In fact, we have two winners of Tulkinghorn's latest competition to find a suitable anagram for Patrick Farrant, Eversheds' national head of biosciences and a dead ringer for Nigel Short.`While Tulkinghorn found the chess grandmaster could easily become 'English rot', a 'loser thing' or indeed an 'honest girl', he struggled with Farrant.`Not so Matt Russell (or 'smell us tart', as he is better known) of Masons and Chris Sturdy (aka 'Chrissy Turd') of Cheadle Hulme, who responded in style to Tulkinghorn's nationwide competition. Russell came up with the beautifully succinct 'Crap art, ink fart', while Sturdy imaginatively incorporated Farrant's job title so that 'Eversheds head of biosciences Patrick Farrant' becomes 'he advocates chickens and IP for barrister fees'. Bravo.`Unfortunately, Tulkinghorn did not expect to get two entries of such superb quality (or indeed two entries at all – ed) and has only one prize on offer. Therefore, the prize – a cuddly toy purporting to be a replica of a snow leopard (which is an anagram of 'nerd loo-swap' and 'Orlando spew') – will go to whoever contacts Tulkinghorn first to claim his award.