Tulkinghorn would like to offer his thanks for a letter from one Maurice Millen, the head of IT at Macfarlanes. Millen was immortalised as the subject of The Lawyer's correction that won the highly acclaimed prize of Correction of the Year in Private Eye. For those of you who don't remember, the slightly tongue-in-cheek item ran: “Last week, The Lawyer incorrectly stated that Maurice Millen, who was leaving DAC to join Macfarlanes, was a senior lawyer. Millen was DAC's head of IT. We apologise to the two firms for the inconvenience. We would also like to apologise to Millen for any embarrassment caused by calling him a lawyer.”
Tulkinghorn was forced to point out to the Eye that, while it would never turn down such a prestigious award, the correction did actually appear “a mere 20 months ago”. Tulkinghorn is grateful to Mr Millen for correcting his error – the interval between the correction's publication in April 1999 and the present is actually some 33 months. Clearly, the event has remained ingrained on his memory – so further apologies for dredging up any difficult memories and for making any kind of inference that Mr Millen is, in any way, shape or form, a lawyer.