An X-rated wedding

Tulkinghorn was most gratified to receive correspondence from the delightful Julia Williams, general counsel, international division at First Choice Holidays.

Williams was motivated to contact The Lawyer because of the recent coverage of the third annual The Lawyer Monte Carlo conference. It transpires that not only is the event a great way to win new business, meet new contacts and exchange ideas (as well as gaining those all-important continuing professional development points), it is also a great place for romance.

On her first visit to The Lawyer Monte Carlo in 1999, Williams, then with Buena Vista Home Entertainment, was to meet her future husband Paul Runnacles, then with Hughes-Castell and now a legal headhunter with Kinsey Craig.

Now, while her correspondence is headed "It wasn't all sleazy", their first encounter took place not in the luxurious domicile of the conference, the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel, but at 4am in Club X, possibly the sleaziest club in town. On top of which, Williams confides to Tulkinghorn that she had already had to ward off the unsuitable advances of a partner from a leading City firm.

At the end of the evening (at 4am it must have been nearly over already) Runnacles gave Williams his card and she emailed him on her return. With the wedding day set for 24 March this year, the rest, as they say, is none of our business.

Tulkinghorn has been reliably informed that Cilla has ordered a new hat and will be attending. Tulkinghorn's own Blind Date crew is busy looking for other matches made in heaven/Monte Carlo. Any takers?