An old firm game

Tulkinghorn has a new favourite firm. It might not be that popular with the residents of the Barbican (they've been making a frightful amount of noise on closing deals, apparently), but Linklaters & Alliance has won Tulkinghorn over.
I concede that this has little to do with their ability as lawyers (although one has no doubts about the quality of their advice); no, it's more a sporting thing. In perhaps the most astute lateral hire of recent years, Linklaters has signed up Chris Waddle (above), the former Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, AC Monaco and England midfielder, to its football team. What a great signing – if only the Lillywhites could attract such a high-profile name today, or just a quality mullet (footballers of today, they just don't spend enough time on their hair).
Waddle earned a Man of the Match award for his last performance, playing for the firm in the TopCorner Islington Summer League, by scoring a goal from inside his own half in a 3-1 defeat of KPMG, as well as having another disallowed (although the referee later admitted his decision had been wrong). One wonders, though, about the quality of the rest of the Linklaters team given that the firm is languishing in the lower mid-table with a negative goal difference. Incidently, an anagram of Chris Waddle is 'he's wild card'. Very apt.
But Waddle's not the only international playing in the TopCorner league. Camerons has its own secret weapon in Tibetan midfielder Karma Samdup. Samdup, a trainee, recently played for Tibet team in its 4-1 defeat by Greenland in Copenhagen, answering an appeal for players from the Dalai Lama's office.
It is not known at this time whether either player will be attending The Lawyer Legalfives five-a-side tournament in September, but if there's even the faintest hope of seeing one of Spurs' (can you guess, Tulkinghorn's a fan) finest mullets in action, Tulkinghorn will be getting the boots ready for action.