An instruction to choo over

Tulkinghorn does not claim to completely understand the criteria used by companies in the process of selecting their external legal advisers, but this little tale has left him totally bemused.
Law firms are forever being told by their clients to justify their continued instruction on the basis of cost, quality of advice, locality, specialist knowledge and partner representation – at least, that was the way Tulkinghorn understood it. In the case of one FTSE 250 company, however, Tulkinghorn finds such criteria to be unusually absent.
Although the company does use a number of regional firms, selected in good faith following the criteria listed above, there is one anomaly: one of the leading firms in Leeds has developed a good working relationship with this company, receiving regular instructions on the back of its location; not, though, because it is in an area where said company does a lot of business, no, but because it is located in close proximity to the former head of legal's favourite model railway shop. It's just location, location, location.
Perhaps Linklaters ought to start pitching on the basis that it is within a short hop of the Barbican.
Then again, for all Tulkinghorn knows, it already does.